The NERVE of Her! (A Medical Update)


This post comes to you through my voice recognition software. I feel I owe readers of this blog a small explanation of my relative absence (or at least lack of the reflective and/or snarky commentary I so dearly love writing).

Back in October, my already failing health took a dive when a medical treatment (gone horribly wrong) landed me in a neck brace for over two months. I am now out of the brace, but afflicted with unrelenting nerve pain of blinding intensity that extends through my neck, arms, hands and fingers at all times.


Thus, typing has become impossible, as have all the little things we take for granted (like scrolling a mouse and right clicking images to save!). I’m still undergoing the proper testing, eagerly awaiting results and a suitable course of treatment. Given the sheer agony, I am quite convinced that my MRI will reveal the presence…

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