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Have you ever wondered how your tooth is constructed and what all its component parts do?  Here’s a look:



Enamel is the hardest substance in the body and gives each tooth the strength to bite through all of the food that we eat.  Although enamel is extremely strong, it can easily be dissolved by the acids that plaque produce and the acids that are found naturally in many popular drinks.


Dentin is the layer right under the enamel.  Although not as hard as enamel, it is about as hard as bone.  Dentin also is flexible.  For example, if you bite down on a very hard object, the dentin is able to flex a little bit and can keep your tooth from cracking like it might if teeth were just made of enamel.


The pulp is the inner-most layer of the tooth.  The pulp provides nutrition to the tooth.  It…

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