What are Wisdom Tooth Impactions?

Image of four wisdom tooth impactions

Four Wisdom Tooth Impactions

A wisdom tooth (also known as the chewing tooth) is any of the third molars, which is located at the back of your mouth. It usually grows up between the ages of 16 and 21. However, for some reasons, these teeth don’t erupt normally in many people.

When a wisdom tooth fails to emerge or grow into its expected position, it is called as wisdom tooth impaction. A wisdom tooth usually becomes impacted due to lack of enough space in the person’s jaw or due to obstructions in the eruption path by other teeth.

Based on the general angulation (positioning) of the impacted wisdom tooth, dentist usually refer four types of wisdom tooth impaction. Read on to know about what are they and how may you deal with them.

Four Wisdom Tooth Impactions and What They Mean



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