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Medical Writing Services I Offer

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Bio: Imtiaz is a certified health care professional (pharmacist) and a skilled technical writer. He has an extensive experience in writing and updating pharmaceutical technical documents, according to cGMP guidelines. During his employment in pharmaceutical companies, he enriched his knowledge in GMP, ISO, and ICH guidelines and developed his skill in writing pharmaceutical technical documents. He also has sound knowledge over cGMP guidelines by different regulatory authorities. These include WHO, FDA, EU, and Health-CANADA.

While working in full time jobs, Imtiaz was responsible for preparing and updating cGMP documents. Since quitting his last day job, he has been working in — small to large-scale — work-for-hire technical writing projects on cGMP documents. If you’re in need of cGMP documents or want to update your existing documents, you can directly contact Imtiaz at

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Human Anatomy


Human anatomy is the study of the structure of the human body. As a Year 1 physiotherapy student, anatomy is a really important module which you should pay attention to.

For semester one, you will usually start with the upper limb. Anatomy is quite important as it forms the foundation for other modules such as kinesiology. This module is challenging and sometimes can get a little bit painful and confusing. But with knowledgeable and approachable lecturers, you would certainly find yourself enjoying learning anatomy.

Human anatomy module is divided into theory (in the form of lectures) and practical classes. It is one of the most difficult classes that require endurance. To help you get through human anatomy classes, I am going to share some tips and tricks with you guys.

How I survive Human Anatomy?

1) Learn by watching videos.

Videos are definitely one of the best ways to study…

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Muscle Recruitment Patterns and Discharge Rate

Posterior view deep inside our muscles ……

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One of the most important philosophical/physiological aspects is to understand the utilization of the discharge rate/sequence. The discharge rate is the progressive recruitment and activation of our motor units within our muscles. In order for an action or exercise to be effective, we must fire from the smallest to the largest motor units. From a anatomical perspective, we should fire our transverse abdominis before we fire our obliques or rectus abdominis. The transverse abdominis is one of the main stabilizers of our core/spine and therefore we must activate it first before we turn on the larger heavier muscles. It only makes sense doesn’t it? If we do not stabilize or brace ourselves for the action before the prime movers (main delivery muscles that will “do” the exercise) are activated then there would be varying degrees of output along with possible awkward delivery of an exercise due to earlier fatigue. This…

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New Discoveries Inside The Developing Brain

The human brain develops with an exquisitely timed choreography marked by distinct patterns of gene activity at different stages from the womb to adulthood, report Yale researchers. The Yale team conducted a large-scale analysis of gene activity in cerebral neocortex —an area of the brain governing perception, behavior, and cognition — at different stages of development. The neocortex, Latin for “new bark,” is our third, newly human brain in terms of evolution. It is what makes possible our judgments and our knowledge of good and evil. It is also the site from which our creativity emerges and home to our sense of self.

The team found that the human brain is more like a neighbourhood, which is better defined by the community living within its borders than its buildings.“The neighborhoods get built quickly and then everything slows down and the neocortex focuses solely on developing connections, almost like an electrical grid,” said…

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Anatomy of Ears, Nose & Throat

Check out some great anatomical pictures of Ears, Nose & Throat.

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Anatomy of Ears, Nose & Throat.

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Toenail Fungus | Five Steps to Proper Foot Care

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Many people does not understand why their feet is exposed to harmful pathogens like toenail fungus. Actually, there are many reasons for this exposure. You need to know that lack of proper concern or improper foot care is one of the main reasons for their exposure.


Have you ever thought why there is a need of proper foot care?


I bet you never thought about that. Actually, proper foot care is needed just to keep your feet out of reach of risky pathogens. Reading this far of this post, a question may arise in your mind that how to properly take care feet. If you want to explore the steps to proper foot care, read this article carefully to know the steps.

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FDA Warned Five Lasik Providers for Misleading Advertising and Promotions

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U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a new press release, warning five LASIK (Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomieusis) providers to discontinue the misleading

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